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Born in August 1887 in Awsworth Notts, to Henry and Sarah Lamin. Elder Sisters Catherine (Kate), Mary Esther and Sarah Anne(Annie) and Elder brother John (Jack). Educated at Awsworth Board School, just outside Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England. I served with honour in the 9th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment seeing front line action in Flanders and Northern Italy from the end of 1916 to January 1920.

War Diary - February 1918

Topographical Views of the Piave Front, February 1918

28th 'B' and 'C' Coys training in hill fighting on the MONTELLO. 'A' and 'D' Coys at Os. C. Coys disposal for Company training. Field Firing Range allotted to 'A' and 'D' Coys from noon to dusk. Specialists under their own Officers. During the month a marked improvement has taken place
in the men's shooting.
Map showing Route back to MONTEBELLUNA area.

27th Battalion in billets at PEDERIVA. All men in Battn. fired Parts 1, 2, & 3 of the musketry Course on the Range at BIADENE.
26th Battn. moved to billets in PEDERIVA (Mercato-Vecchio) - Battn. moved off at 9.50 a.m. Arrived in Billets at 12.30 p.m. Found village and billets in very dirty condition. C.O. at once started men cleaning billets and streets. Marked change by evening.
25th Battn. moved off at 8.15 am to ALTIVOLE. Arrived in Billets at 1 pm.
24th Battn did NOT move. Church Services.
23rd 'A', 'C' and 'D' Coys digging. 'B' Coy at disposal of O.C. Coy. Junior N.C.O's class and in the afternoon a lecture. Stretcher bearers under the M.O. Specialists under their own officers. 'B' Coy Lewis Gunners and 'C' Coy indifferent shots on the Miniature Range. Baths for 'C' Coy. Warning order received that the 23rd Div would relieve the 41st Div in the line and that the Battn. would probably move on 24th.
22nd 'B', 'C' - 'D' Coys digging. 'A' Coy at O.C. Coy's disposal. Specialists under their own officers - 'A' Coy & Lewis Gunners practising on Miniature Range - Junior N.C. O.'s class and lecture.
21st 'A', 'B' & 'D' Coys digging. 'C' Coy at O.C. Coy's disposal. Stretcher bearers training in Hill Work under the M.O. Specialists under their own officers. Junior N.C.O.s under the R.S.M.. Baths for C Coy.
20th 'A', 'B' and 'D' Coys digging - Specialists under their own officers. 'D' Coy at O.C. Coy's disposal. Baths for D Coy & Scouts.
19th 'A' 'C' and 'D' Coys moved to the digging area at 8.30 am - Haversack rations to be carried. 'B' Coy at disposal of O.C. Coy for drills training etc. Specialists under their own officers.
18th Coys at Os. C. Coys' disposal for inspection & thorough cleaning of billets and equipment. Signallers under their own officer. The Scouts under the Scout Officer climbed Mount GRAPPA where a detachment of Italians (65th Div) made them welcome and gave them a loaf of bread each!
17th Battn. moved to VILLA FIETTA near CRESPANO. Taking over billets from the 19th Battn. Middlesex Regt. (Pioneers) Dinners on arrival in billets. battn. in billets at 3pm.
16th Battn. marched to LORIA and took over billets from the 12th Battn EAST SURREY Regt. Battn. moved off at 8.30 am . Route Posmo?- C. MORA- BUSTA. Dinners on arrival in Billets. Battn. in billets at 2 pm.
Click here for Maps showing the route including MOUNT GRAPPA
15th Coys at Os. C. disposal for interior economy. Inspections of men in full marching order during the morning. Lewis Gunners & Scouts with their Coys. The Divl. Rifle Range allotted to the Battn. during the afternoon. Practices in the Musketry Course continued - Brigade Baths alloted to the Battn. from 9am to 10am for all those who had not previously bathed.
14th Divl. Rifle Range allotted to the Batn. Practices in the musketry course part 1 continued. Remainder of the morning Coys at disposal of Os.C. Coys for Arms Drill, Saluting Drill and Platoon Drill. Lewis Gunners into Coys for range practice, arms drill etc. Signallers and Scouts under their respective officers. In the afternoon one good instructor and twelve men per Coy. (worst shots) reported to the Miniature Range under L.G.O. The 3rd re-play for the Divl. Championship between 69th & 70th Brigade took place on the Divl. Football Ground MONTEBELLUNA, resulting in a victory for the 70th Brigade. Score 70th 3 goals 69th 1 goal. 10 N.C.O.s previously detailed, reported with 2nd/Lt W DARRELL to the 128th Field Coy R.E. for instruction in knotting and lashing. On the evenings of the 12th and 13th of this month, a party of artistes styling themselves ‘THE TIMIDS’ gave two excellent performances in the large hall of the Hd. Qrs Billet. The troop was entirely composed of members of the 70th Field Ambulance.
13th Divl. Rifle Range allotted to the Batn. Practices in part 1 of musketry course continued. Lewis Gunners firing on the Range. Other Specialist under their own Officers. In the afternoon, lectures by O.Cs. Coys.
12th Coys HILL TRAINING. Scouts hill training with Coys. Lewis Gunners firing on the Range. Revolver practice for Officers. All officers of ‘A’, ‘B’ Coys and Nos 1 and 2 of their Lewis Gun teams attended. Baths at BIADENE allotted to Batn from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 2nd Lt W DARRELL and 10 N.C.Os. proceeded to 128th Fld Coy R.E. for instruction in Knotting and lashing.
11th Coys on Coy Parade Grounds for Arms Drill, Squad Drill, Bayonet Fighting. 4 Officers and 4 N.C.O.s per Coy. Proceeded for attachment to units of the 41st Divn, working on the Castelcucco Defence Line. Lieut. C Danet M.C. and 7 O.Rs. proceeded on leave.
10th Morning Church Parade- afternoon. Second Re-play for the Divl. Football Championship – between the 70th and 69th Bgades. Result a draw. Score 0 -0.

2 Officers and 40 O.R’s reported to Divl. Range (Running man Targets) for firing practice. The undermentioned were awarded the BELGIAN Croix de Guerre –

No 15394 C.S.M Oldfield G.
16854 L/c Stanniforth C

9th Divisional Rifle Range (B & C targets) allotted to Battalion. Practices;- Five rounds application - five rounds rapid- Specialists under their own officers. Baths allotted to the Battn.
8th Coys at Os. C Coys disposal for Company Training. Specialists under their own Officers. Junior N.C.O.s class under the R.S.M. Tactical scheme for Officers at Bn Hd Qrs in the afternoon.
7th Coys at Os. C Coys disposal on Company parade grounds for Squad Drills, Arms Drill, Musketry and Bayonet Fighting. Specialists under their own Officers. Junior N.C.Os. class under the R.S.M. Divisional Rifle Meeting. Results as affecting the 9th Y and L Regt.
"Batallion" Comp' 9th York & Lancaster Regt. - 3rd
"Evelyn Wood" Comp' " - 6th
"Lewis Gun" Comp' " - 6th (with 'B' Coy's team)
"Company" Comp' " - 3rd (with 'A' Coys team)
6th Coys at Os. C Coys disposal on Company parade grounds for Physical Training, Bayonet Fighting, Musketry and Saluting Drills. Specialists under their own Officers. Divisional Rifle Meeting.
5th Coys at Os. C Coys disposal on Company parade grounds for Saluting drills, Squad Drills, Arms Drill and Gas Drill. 2nd /Lt J NANKERVIS joined the Battalion
Bn in billets at BIADENE. Coys at Os C. Coys disposal for interior economy. Equipment taken to pieces and scrubbed. Lt R C M DOUTHWAITE and 7 O.Rs. proceeded on leave.
2nd & 3rd In the line. All works, competitions and general cleaning up referred to in final part of January diary maintained with unabated energy until relieved by the 11th NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS on the evening of 3rd. Platoons moved independently by route CIANO – BUSCO thence to billets in BIADENE. Bn in billets at 11 p.m.
February 1st 1918 Battn in the line. Left Bn Right Brigade
B Coy Right Front Line Coy
C Centre
D Left
A Support Coy

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