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Born in August 1887 in Awsworth Notts, to Henry and Sarah Lamin. Elder Sisters Catherine (Kate), Mary Esther and Sarah Anne(Annie) and Elder brother John (Jack). Educated at Awsworth Board School, just outside Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England. I served with honour in the 9th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment seeing front line action in Flanders and Northern Italy from the end of 1916 to January 1920.

December 1917

31st Companies at O.C. Coys disposal for training on Coy Parade grounds. Specialists under their Own officers. Working parties supplied as on 23rd inst by C and D Coys.
One Officer and 25 men reported to D.G.O. MONTEBELLUNA for work.
Capt JW Cook, one officer and one N.C.O. from D Coy & two officers and one N.C.O. from A & C Coys reconnoitred the left Battalion right Brigade Sub Sector.
Lecture by A.D.M.S. to all officers of the Brigade at the Medical School in MONTEBELLUNA.
30th Church Service in Theatre in MONTEBELLUNA at 11.30 A M.
29th Companies at disposal of O C Coy for training on Company Parade grounds. Specialists under their Own officers. Working parties supplied as on 23rd inst.
2nd Lt S. H. Vents and 2nd Lt H.S. Eckett joined the Battalion.
28th All Companies - range practices. Revolver practice for all officers. Specialists under their own officers.
'C' Match of the 2nd round of the Brigade Football Competition was played between :-
9th Y & L v 70th Machine Gun Coy Kick off 2.30 P.M.
Result 9th Y & L three goals - 70th Machine Gun Coy One goal.
27th "B" and "C" Coys Route March. Deployment and practice attack on training ground. A Coy at disposal of O.C. Coy. Specialists under their own officers. Lecture in the afternoon on "Outposts". Working Parties supplied as on 23rd inst.
2nd Lt F. R. Florry and 2nd Lt W. R. Mead joined the Battalion.
26th Battalion training as follows, Close Order Drill, Saluting Drill, Extended Order Drill. Guard Duties and Lectures. The Following Classes assembled at the Brigade School:- Signalling Class 10 O.R's. Lewis Gun Class N.C.O. and six men. General Class 20 untrained men. In the evening hostile aeroplanes bombed MONTEBELLUNA but cause no casualties in the Battalion
December 25th Church Service in the morning.
First Round (Match “B” of the Brigade Football Competition was played between:- 9th Y & L & Brigade Head Quarters and 70th Light Trench Mortar Battery. Kick off 10.30 A.M. Result 9th Y & L, 7 goals. Brigade Head Quarters etc. 1

The men had their Christmas dinner in their billets which consisted of roast pork, Christmas pudding, fruit and wine.

The Battalion had a concert in the Medical School in MONTEBELLUNA in the evening.

24th Range Practises for A & D Coys
B & C Coys. Company training on Coy Parade Grounds at disposal of O.C. Coys.
Specialists under their own Officers.
23rd Church Parade. Following working parties were supplied :
(a) 1 Officer & 50 O.R's for O.C. Sanitary Section.
(B) 1 Officer & 30 O.R's for Montebelluna Station.
(D) 31 O.R's to CORNUDA for tree felling.
I have no explanation for the strange lettering of the working parties. I've just transcribed the War Diary faithfully! BL
22nd Physical Exercise, Saluting Drill, Extended Order drill and Musketry was carried out by Company Specialists under their own officers.
21st Running drill. Companies at O.C. Coys disposal. Baths.
20th In billets at MONTEBELLUNA
Rifle, Bayonet, SAA, Clothing, equipment, box respirators, P.H. Helmet, iron rations and Field dressings inspections. C.O. inspected N.C.O's of battalions under C. S's M. Specialists trained under their own officers.
13th-19th Battalion in new dispositions. Draft of 98 th O.R.s joined at transport lines on 14th inst. 2nd Lt Park M.C. and 2nd Lt Lewis joined on the 14th inst. Whilst in the line, the defence scheme was prepared. Line patrols were out nightly along the PIAVE river bed. Brigade was relieved by 68th Brigade. The Battalion was relieved the 11th N.F. Relief as follows;
A Coy Y & L relieved by A Coy 11th N.F.
B " -do - " " B " - do -
C " -do - " " C " - do -
D " -do - " " D " - do -
After Relief Companies moved independently by road junction G.84.07, G.76.06 thence by road CROCETTA - BIADENE to MONTEBELLUNA.
12th Battalion relieved the 8th K.O.Y.L.I. and became the Left front line Battalion of the Left Brigade. Relief complete at 7.30 P.M. Dispositions were as follows;- A Company Left Front Company. ‘D’ Company, Centre Front Company. ‘B’ Company Right Front Company. ‘C’ Company (Harry’s Coy, BL) Support Company. Courts Martial Promulgated on:- N0. 16968 Sgt McGowan J, and No. 16210 Sgt Boyes J W .
11th Battalion should have been relieved by the 8th York & Lancasters, but owing to continuous shelling of our front during the day and the change in the weather, the Brigade Commander cancelled relief. Warning Order received in the early hours to the effect that Austrians were massing, the Battn “stood to”. Casualties:- 6 O.R’s wounded.
8th, 9th 10th Battalion in support. Whilst in support Companies worked on defences, and improved sanitary conditions etc. and made hurdles.
7th “A”, “B” and “D” Coys and Battalion moved to new billets as follows;- A Company to a group of cottages 300yds North of “S” in SERNAGIOTTO. D Coy to the cottages 200yds to the South of “S” in SERNAGIOTTO. B Coy to the cottages in the vicinity South of “A” in CIANO. Battn Head quarters 250 yds South of E in NOGARE. Relief completed about 7.30. Promulgation of F.G.* Courts Martial No. 12799 Sgt Davies No. 19773 Pte Perkins O. P M.
* F.G. = Field General Note: No mention of Harry's "C" Company BL
Map showing dispositions - click here

4th,5th, 6th Battalion in Support in CIANO
3rd The 70th Brigade relieved the 136th Regt of the 70th Italian Division in the left sub-section. (MONTELLO SECTOR). The Battalion moved off at 9.45 A.M. and marched to CIANO where it relieved the 1st Battalion 136th Italian Regt; and became support Battalion. After one hours marching the Battn halted and dinners and teas were served in a field. Sports were held in the afternoon. The march was resumed about 4.0 P.M. to CIANO. Relief complete about 8.0 P.M.
Battalion moved off at 11 A.M. and marched to billets at BARCON arriving there at 2.40 P.M.
battalion in billets at SONTREIA. Company training in Running Drill, Musketry: Bayonet fighting, Arms Drill and Company Drill was continued with.

November 1917

Bn in Billets- the C.O. inspected Companies in Drill order and was satisfied with the smart appearance of the Bn. The majority of the men were bathed.
At 9am Bn moved off to SONTREIA ( 7miles) and were in Billets by 12 noon. The march discipline throughout the march was excellent, and very few men were carried on the Ambulance – no men fell out throughout the march.

28 The march resumed at 8am to ISOLA ROMOLO (12 miles), the Bn arriving in Billets by 4pm
26 & 27 inspections were held on the 26th & training resumed the following day. The sick parades were large, the chief complaint being blistered feet, but the rest benefitted the men greatly.
25 Moved off at 7am to ISOLA di CARTURO (6 1/2 miles) and in Billets by 11 am. During the last three days the march discipline was still very good, and no men fell out. The men were in good condition and their feet were sound.
At 7 am the Bn moved off to ST MARIA (10 miles), arriving there at 1 pm.
The march was resumed at 9 am to PONT du BARBARANO (7 miles) and the Bn was in Billets by 1 pm.
22 Bn moved off at 7 am to Noventa (16 miles) arriving in Billets at 1430 pm. The men marched very well and not a man fell out. Several men's feet were blistered.
Bn moved off at 6.30 am to LENAGO (12 miles), arriving in Billets at 3 pm. The marching was again good, and the transport was very clean & smart.
20 The march was resumed at 7 am to NIGARA (8 miles) the Bn in Billets by 11am. The high standard of marching was still maintained and very few men had blistered feet.
19 The Division commenced its march forward to concentration area. The BN moved off at 8.30 am by march route to SUSANO CORTA CHIAVICHE (about 12 miles) arriving in Billets at 3.30 pm. The marching was good, no men falling out.
16 to 18 Billeted in good billets at CERESA, where satisfactory training was carried out. On the 18th a church parade was held. Whilst in the area the condition of the men was good, although the sick parades were a little larger than usual several men suffering with boils.
11 to 15 Train through the RHONE valley to MARSEILLES and along the coast via CANNES, NICE & VINTIMILLE (Ventimiglia) into ITALY. Halts repas? were carranged at various stations, where men were exercised and hot water tea coffee were available. The train discipline was excellent and the men were interested throughout the journey. The Bn was warmly welcomed en route. On the 15th the Bn detrained at MANTOVA (Mantua) and marched to CERESA.
10 The Bn entrained by half Battalion at WIZERNES STATION - train no. 51 departed at 10.30 am. Lt Col Rumbold DSO MC being OC Train; Train no 54 left at 2.40pm with Major Lewis MC as OC train.
1st to 9th During this period the Battalion carried out a satisfactory training programme, and the specialists were trained by their own officers.
Range practices were fired on the 1st 3rd 4th 6th & 7th the shooting was very satisfactory, and the men of the new drafts showed improvement. The Divl Gas officer inspected SBRs on the 2nd and lectured to all officers and Platoon Commanders on the 6th. A Church parade was held on the 4th. A draft of 50 ORs joined on the 5th inst and were inspected by the G.O.C. on the 8th. Whilst in this area there was very little sickness in the Battalion and the men benefitted from the rest.
Capt G A Crowther & 2Lt R C M Douthwaite returned from leave on the 1st having been recalled by wire. 2nd Lt A.C Doc & E H Thompson MC rejoined from hospital on the 2nd. Lt Col Rumford DSO MC proceeded on leave to England on the 3rd and returned on the 6th. 2Lts L A Floyd, N A Dixon and AB Ward joined the Bn on the 3rd.
No.15431 L/C Walker F was awarded the MM for gallantry in the field. (DRO 3027 1/11/17). The G.O.C. remitted suspended sentence of 3 years Penal servitude in the Case of No 3141 Pte (a/ L.Cpl) G R Worthington for an act of gallantry for which this man was awarded the MM and for continuous good behaviour & devotion to duty during the past three ms.

October 1917

Menin Road
During night Sept 30th - Oct 1st front line garrison was increased by 3 sections & wire was repaired. 5 am to 6 am heavy enemy shelling: our protective barrage opened at 5.15 am. S.O.S. went up on our left at 6am but no infantry action followed on our front. Heavily shelled about 12.30 pm especially round Batt H.Q. Enemy aeroplanes active all day flying low and firing : fire was opened from the ground but without effect. 6.30 pm enemy bombarded & at 7 pm was seen massing: the artillery put down the barrage promptly in reply to our S.O.S. & quashed the attack; after this, the night was quiet.
2nd Protective barrage at dawn. Intermittent shelling during the day. Relieved by 1st R. West Kents. Relief complete 11.45 pm.
Casualties during tour killed 1 officer 3 O.R. Wounded 3 officers 22 O.R.s: Missing 3 O.R.s

3rd Battalion moved to METEREN area by bus, embussing at 2 pm and arriving in billets by 6 pm.
4th - 8th
Kit, clothing, box respirator, rifle inspections etc. Specialists carried out training under their own officers.

5th The Commanding Officer inspected the Bn. on the 5th inst.
2nd Lt D H WEBBE was transfered to England & struck off the strength. Capt C Palmer ordered a Medical Board and also struck off (Authy A G No D/1981)
7th The Bn attended a Brigade Church Parade. Winter time was adopted on this date.
8th All officers attended a Lecture by the A.D.M.S. in the Y.M.C.A. hut at METEREN.
A.D.M.S. stands for Assistant Director of Medical Services. Thank you Paul & Tim
9th Two companies fired on No. 2 Range whilst the other 2 companies carried out Musketry and Physical training and Bayonet Fighting. A class for Junior N.C.Os under the RSM was held during the morning. At 4 pm the Bn embussed for RIDGE WOOD arriving there at 7 pm and bivouacking for the night.
10th At 2pm the Bn moved to the front line and relieved the 11th Bn W. Yorks.
11 to 14 Casualties Capt. S. Riddell killed 2Lts A. J. Walters & R Coyles wounded 12 O.R. killed 77 OR wounded 4 OR missing believed killed. Night of 14th to MICMAC camp.
(Around 10% of the Battalion killed or wounded in 3 days.)

Major Gylls A.R. wounded to England 1-10-17. 2Lt A Barber ditto 2-10-17. 2Lt H G Smith ditto 29-9-17 2Lt J.E. Hall ditto 25-9-17
15 & 16 MICMAC CAMP. cleaning up: C.Os inspection. 2Lt A J Walker died of wounds 16th: Capt S. W. Wicks hosp? sick 16th.
17 Relieved 11 W Yorks in reserve Zillebeke Bund about5.30 pm
18 Batt moved to line and relieved 8 KOYLI. 2 Lt Wheliker to England.
20 Btt relieved by 11 W Yorks. Batt H.Q. B & D Coys to BUND: A Coy relieved Coy of 11 W Y nr J 11 a & became support coy to 8 York: C Coy to bout J s c in support to 11 W Y. Total casualties for tour 4 O.R. killed, 20 O.R. wounded.
21 To Brewery Camp.
22 Cleaning up 2Lt H Park to Eng wnd. 22-10-17
23 Batt less A & C Coys (Harry is in C Coy) entrained at Dickebush Stn for Wozerines - on detraining to billets in Esquerides area: arrived 5.30 pm. H. Q. in Leulise: B & D coys in Audenthun.
24 Cleaning up: A & C Coys rejoined: C. O's inspection. 2Lts N S Wilson & RCM Douthwaite joined batt 18.10.17 : 2LtH Hyes reoined 25.10.17. 2Lts F Lempton & R Roberts joined 24.10.17. Hon Lt & QM J Bll to Engand 24.10.17 & struck off strength. In this area, programmes of work were carried out, close order drill, P.T. Arms Drill. specialists trained: G.O.C. brigade inspected billets.
26: scabies inspection by M.O.
27 range practice at Quelms.
28 To billets in Wizennes 2.15 pm arrived 5 pm. instructions recvd to recall all men on leave, courses etc.
29 G.O.C. Div inspected batt 10 a.m. draft of 95 O.R. joined.
30 range practice for the draft; cleaning up etc. for C in C's inspection. 2Lt W T S Smith joined.
31 C in C inspected the Brigade
drafts of 50 O.Rs & 75 O.R.s joined.

September 1917

1st & 2nd
Batt under canvas in WIPPENHOEK AREA k30 c3.0
Left 8 a.m. for NORTPEENE AREA by march - route through STEENVORDE, OXELERE, BAYINCHOVE. Arrived in billets at OOSTHOEK at 6 p.m.
4th -11th
Batt at OOSTHOEK training was carried out which included bombing, musketry, bayonet fighting, practice formations for the attack & flag courses. Coy drill etc. Special training on 7th- & 10th.
Moved to LUYTPENE area at 2.15 pm. arr 5 pm.
11 am STEENVORDE area (east) arrived billets 5.30 pm
14th Moved 6 am to DICKEBUSCH area; arrived camp 3 pm.
15th Relieved 8th BUFFS in rt subsector of divl front; relief complete about 7 pm. dispositions Bn HQ, C Coy & D Coy in HEDGE ST TUNNELS, B Coy on left in JAM SUPPORT. A Coy on right in BODMIN COPSE.
17th/18th Relieved by 15th HANTS + 8th KOYLI: Batt moved to RAILWAY DUGOUTS & became batt in reserve: afternoon of 18th to No 1 DICKEBUSCH area.
19th Moved from camp at 9.45 pm to BEDFORD HOUSE being "A" Battn of Reserve Brigade.
20th ATTACK DAY: at zero hour, 5.40 am A Coy lost 22 killed & wounded. 3 Coys & Batt H Q went into tunnels. 1 Coy in trenches on top: about 1 P.M. C Coy (Harry's Company) went forward to reinforce 68th Bde and dug in in rear of BLUE LINE nr JASPER TRENCH: 4.30 Batt ordered to relieve10th N.Fs in BLUE LINE: 5.45 pm to 7 pm terrific shelling: releif complete 10 pm.
20th -21st night Coys digging the whole night & by morning all coys had a continuous line of trench: B Coy formed defensive flank from right of 13th D.L.I. to left of 41st Div.
21st Very heavy shelling throughout the day. 6.30 p.m. Enemy counter- attack: C Coy moved forward to strengthen B Coy: Enemy did not reach our lines.
22nd Very misty morning: enemy shelling heavy especially near Batt H.Q; continual enemy sniping from TOWER HAMLETS. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. hurricane bombardment of our supports & defensive flank.
23rd misty: protective barrage 5.30 am. heavy bursts of enemy artillery throughout the day.
24th Protective barrage in early morning: heavy enemy shelling 5.15 a.m. to 7 a.m: 6 p.m to 7.30 p.m.
24th - 25th night relieved by 11th SUSSEX: relief complete 8.45 p.m. Enemy got to know of our relief and shelled heavily. Casualties during tour: Officers, killed 1, wnd 7: O.R's killed 22 wounded 83, missing 4.
Batt at CHIPPAWA CAMP cleaning, reorganising etc
26th Inspection by Divisional General.
27th Proceeded to RIDGE WOOD, arr 5 pm.
28th 10.00 am to BEDFORD HOUSE. 8.30 pm ordered to relieve 8th KOYLI in front line.
29th relief complete about 10 pm: took over right sector, right Brigade: relief slightly delayed by shelling. DISPOSITIONS: front line C Coy: close support A Coy less 2 platoons: counter-attack coy, D Coy: Batt reserve, 2 platoons A Coy & 2 plats B Coy: Gen reserve, B Coy less 2 platoons.
30th About 4 am very thick mist; 4.30 am intense bombardment helped on with minewerfers & smoke bombs: 5.15 am enemy discovered in large numbers advancing against our trench especially on our right: mist still very thick: enemy used bombs and flammerwerfer. Heavy fire with rifles, Lewis machine guns and bombs was opened on them & none reached our trench: S.O.S. sent up but was not seen at Batt H.Q. owing to mist: an orderly arrived with the first news at 7.20 am. About 6 am enemy again attacked but was driven off: took 2 prisoners, 1 flammenwerfer & a machine gun: 60 or 70 dead were left in front of our trenches: the attack was repulsed entirely with the fire of the infantry: the artillery did not barrage our front: a wire fence, put up during the previous night by a pioneer battn helped greatly to impede the enemy. A short barrage was put down on our lines at 10 am: the remainder of the day was normal

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August 1917


1st -5th

The Battn in Billets in the METEREN area. Training continued.
Bn Route march with Advance and rear Guards.
All ranks have their S.B.R's tested & fitted under supervision of M.O.
Bn left the METEREN area at 11 am & marched to CAESTRE & entrained for ARQUES, then by march route to camp1 mile N of ARQUES. Bn reached camp by 7.15 pm.
Bn left ARQUES at 10 am & marched to billets at ALQUINES, JOURNY arriving there by 7pm. Bn remained there until 8th inst.
Bn left the ALQUINES area at 9.45 am & marched to billets in NORTLEVLINGHEM arriving in billets by 1 pm.
Bn left NORTLEVLINGHEMat 4.30 pm and marched to WATTEN station entraining at 12.45 am on the 11th for PROVEN, thence by march route to tunnelling camp at ST JANSTER BEIZEN. Bn reached camp by 8.30 am.
11th to 12th
Bn at tunnelling camp . Programmes of work were issued & carried out - including, artillery formation, ceremonial drill, intensive digging and company training. Specialists received careful attention
Bn left camp at 8 am & marched to DOMINION CAMP, arriving at 1 pm
Bn in camp. Thorough inspection of platoons carried out by platoon commanders.

The Bn less transport & Details left behind, moved to CHATEAU SEGARD by motor lorry, leaving camp at 2.30 pm & arriving at destination at 5 pm.
Bn left CHATEAU SEGARD at 6 pm & marched by companies to ZILLEBEKE BUND, arriving there at 8 pm.
28th, 29th

Bn in brigade reserve at ZILLEBEKE BUND
Bde relieved by 7th Bde.
The Bn left ZILLEBEKE BUND at 6.45 pm & moved to the ASYLUM YPRES. Thence by motor lorries to WIPPENHOEK area. Bn arrived in camp at K 30 c 3. 0. about 10 pm.
K 30 c 3. 0.
Bn in camp at
K 30 c 3. 0.