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Born in August 1887 in Awsworth Notts, to Henry and Sarah Lamin. Elder Sisters Catherine (Kate), Mary Esther and Sarah Anne(Annie) and Elder brother John (Jack). Educated at Awsworth Board School, just outside Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England. I served with honour in the 9th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment seeing front line action in Flanders and Northern Italy from the end of 1916 to January 1920.

December 1917

31st Companies at O.C. Coys disposal for training on Coy Parade grounds. Specialists under their Own officers. Working parties supplied as on 23rd inst by C and D Coys.
One Officer and 25 men reported to D.G.O. MONTEBELLUNA for work.
Capt JW Cook, one officer and one N.C.O. from D Coy & two officers and one N.C.O. from A & C Coys reconnoitred the left Battalion right Brigade Sub Sector.
Lecture by A.D.M.S. to all officers of the Brigade at the Medical School in MONTEBELLUNA.
30th Church Service in Theatre in MONTEBELLUNA at 11.30 A M.
29th Companies at disposal of O C Coy for training on Company Parade grounds. Specialists under their Own officers. Working parties supplied as on 23rd inst.
2nd Lt S. H. Vents and 2nd Lt H.S. Eckett joined the Battalion.
28th All Companies - range practices. Revolver practice for all officers. Specialists under their own officers.
'C' Match of the 2nd round of the Brigade Football Competition was played between :-
9th Y & L v 70th Machine Gun Coy Kick off 2.30 P.M.
Result 9th Y & L three goals - 70th Machine Gun Coy One goal.
27th "B" and "C" Coys Route March. Deployment and practice attack on training ground. A Coy at disposal of O.C. Coy. Specialists under their own officers. Lecture in the afternoon on "Outposts". Working Parties supplied as on 23rd inst.
2nd Lt F. R. Florry and 2nd Lt W. R. Mead joined the Battalion.
26th Battalion training as follows, Close Order Drill, Saluting Drill, Extended Order Drill. Guard Duties and Lectures. The Following Classes assembled at the Brigade School:- Signalling Class 10 O.R's. Lewis Gun Class N.C.O. and six men. General Class 20 untrained men. In the evening hostile aeroplanes bombed MONTEBELLUNA but cause no casualties in the Battalion
December 25th Church Service in the morning.
First Round (Match “B” of the Brigade Football Competition was played between:- 9th Y & L & Brigade Head Quarters and 70th Light Trench Mortar Battery. Kick off 10.30 A.M. Result 9th Y & L, 7 goals. Brigade Head Quarters etc. 1

The men had their Christmas dinner in their billets which consisted of roast pork, Christmas pudding, fruit and wine.

The Battalion had a concert in the Medical School in MONTEBELLUNA in the evening.

24th Range Practises for A & D Coys
B & C Coys. Company training on Coy Parade Grounds at disposal of O.C. Coys.
Specialists under their own Officers.
23rd Church Parade. Following working parties were supplied :
(a) 1 Officer & 50 O.R's for O.C. Sanitary Section.
(B) 1 Officer & 30 O.R's for Montebelluna Station.
(D) 31 O.R's to CORNUDA for tree felling.
I have no explanation for the strange lettering of the working parties. I've just transcribed the War Diary faithfully! BL
22nd Physical Exercise, Saluting Drill, Extended Order drill and Musketry was carried out by Company Specialists under their own officers.
21st Running drill. Companies at O.C. Coys disposal. Baths.
20th In billets at MONTEBELLUNA
Rifle, Bayonet, SAA, Clothing, equipment, box respirators, P.H. Helmet, iron rations and Field dressings inspections. C.O. inspected N.C.O's of battalions under C. S's M. Specialists trained under their own officers.
13th-19th Battalion in new dispositions. Draft of 98 th O.R.s joined at transport lines on 14th inst. 2nd Lt Park M.C. and 2nd Lt Lewis joined on the 14th inst. Whilst in the line, the defence scheme was prepared. Line patrols were out nightly along the PIAVE river bed. Brigade was relieved by 68th Brigade. The Battalion was relieved the 11th N.F. Relief as follows;
A Coy Y & L relieved by A Coy 11th N.F.
B " -do - " " B " - do -
C " -do - " " C " - do -
D " -do - " " D " - do -
After Relief Companies moved independently by road junction G.84.07, G.76.06 thence by road CROCETTA - BIADENE to MONTEBELLUNA.
12th Battalion relieved the 8th K.O.Y.L.I. and became the Left front line Battalion of the Left Brigade. Relief complete at 7.30 P.M. Dispositions were as follows;- A Company Left Front Company. ‘D’ Company, Centre Front Company. ‘B’ Company Right Front Company. ‘C’ Company (Harry’s Coy, BL) Support Company. Courts Martial Promulgated on:- N0. 16968 Sgt McGowan J, and No. 16210 Sgt Boyes J W .
11th Battalion should have been relieved by the 8th York & Lancasters, but owing to continuous shelling of our front during the day and the change in the weather, the Brigade Commander cancelled relief. Warning Order received in the early hours to the effect that Austrians were massing, the Battn “stood to”. Casualties:- 6 O.R’s wounded.
8th, 9th 10th Battalion in support. Whilst in support Companies worked on defences, and improved sanitary conditions etc. and made hurdles.
7th “A”, “B” and “D” Coys and Battalion moved to new billets as follows;- A Company to a group of cottages 300yds North of “S” in SERNAGIOTTO. D Coy to the cottages 200yds to the South of “S” in SERNAGIOTTO. B Coy to the cottages in the vicinity South of “A” in CIANO. Battn Head quarters 250 yds South of E in NOGARE. Relief completed about 7.30. Promulgation of F.G.* Courts Martial No. 12799 Sgt Davies No. 19773 Pte Perkins O. P M.
* F.G. = Field General Note: No mention of Harry's "C" Company BL
Map showing dispositions - click here

4th,5th, 6th Battalion in Support in CIANO
3rd The 70th Brigade relieved the 136th Regt of the 70th Italian Division in the left sub-section. (MONTELLO SECTOR). The Battalion moved off at 9.45 A.M. and marched to CIANO where it relieved the 1st Battalion 136th Italian Regt; and became support Battalion. After one hours marching the Battn halted and dinners and teas were served in a field. Sports were held in the afternoon. The march was resumed about 4.0 P.M. to CIANO. Relief complete about 8.0 P.M.
Battalion moved off at 11 A.M. and marched to billets at BARCON arriving there at 2.40 P.M.
battalion in billets at SONTREIA. Company training in Running Drill, Musketry: Bayonet fighting, Arms Drill and Company Drill was continued with.


luigi pellizzari said...

Congratulations for the great job. I live in Montebelluna and my grandmother (born in 1896)used to tell me about the British soldiers posted here during the great war. They used to exchange their abundant chocolate and marmalade (very rare in wartime Italy) for fresh milk and "polenta". The British troops also played the very first football match in this town as witnessed by my grandmother and described by Lamin.
A few years ago the local parish published the diary of the Montebelluna priest during the world war 1 years who gives a vivid account of the arrival of the British troops here.
I recommend the following book to learn more about the British troops in Italy: "The British Army in Italy 1917-1918" by John Wilks & Eileen Wilks - Pen & Sword Books Ltd. -Barnley. I really look forward to reading more of Lamin's diary.
Luigi Pellizzari
Montebelluna - Italy

Roger O'Keeffe said...

13th ... 2nd Lt Park M.C. and 2nd Lt Lewis joined on the 14th inst.

Mr Park is clearly a sound chap, because he has an MC, i.e. Military Cross, which was not given out lightly.

How do I know that MC isn't just his initials? Because, if you look carefully, you will notice that officers' initials, where used, are placed before their surnames, whereas ORs' initials, are placed after their surnames.

While officers were awarded the MC, the equivalent decoration for ORs was the MM, or Military Medal. Occasionally you will see someone whose decorations include both a cross and a medal: that tells you that he was decorated (with a medal) as an NCO or private, was subsequently commissioned "from the ranks" and then won a further decoration (a cross) as an officer.