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Born in August 1887 in Awsworth Notts, to Henry and Sarah Lamin. Elder Sisters Catherine (Kate), Mary Esther and Sarah Anne(Annie) and Elder brother John (Jack). Educated at Awsworth Board School, just outside Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England. I served with honour in the 9th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment seeing front line action in Flanders and Northern Italy from the end of 1916 to January 1920.

November 1917

Bn in Billets- the C.O. inspected Companies in Drill order and was satisfied with the smart appearance of the Bn. The majority of the men were bathed.
At 9am Bn moved off to SONTREIA ( 7miles) and were in Billets by 12 noon. The march discipline throughout the march was excellent, and very few men were carried on the Ambulance – no men fell out throughout the march.

28 The march resumed at 8am to ISOLA ROMOLO (12 miles), the Bn arriving in Billets by 4pm
26 & 27 inspections were held on the 26th & training resumed the following day. The sick parades were large, the chief complaint being blistered feet, but the rest benefitted the men greatly.
25 Moved off at 7am to ISOLA di CARTURO (6 1/2 miles) and in Billets by 11 am. During the last three days the march discipline was still very good, and no men fell out. The men were in good condition and their feet were sound.
At 7 am the Bn moved off to ST MARIA (10 miles), arriving there at 1 pm.
The march was resumed at 9 am to PONT du BARBARANO (7 miles) and the Bn was in Billets by 1 pm.
22 Bn moved off at 7 am to Noventa (16 miles) arriving in Billets at 1430 pm. The men marched very well and not a man fell out. Several men's feet were blistered.
Bn moved off at 6.30 am to LENAGO (12 miles), arriving in Billets at 3 pm. The marching was again good, and the transport was very clean & smart.
20 The march was resumed at 7 am to NIGARA (8 miles) the Bn in Billets by 11am. The high standard of marching was still maintained and very few men had blistered feet.
19 The Division commenced its march forward to concentration area. The BN moved off at 8.30 am by march route to SUSANO CORTA CHIAVICHE (about 12 miles) arriving in Billets at 3.30 pm. The marching was good, no men falling out.
16 to 18 Billeted in good billets at CERESA, where satisfactory training was carried out. On the 18th a church parade was held. Whilst in the area the condition of the men was good, although the sick parades were a little larger than usual several men suffering with boils.
11 to 15 Train through the RHONE valley to MARSEILLES and along the coast via CANNES, NICE & VINTIMILLE (Ventimiglia) into ITALY. Halts repas? were carranged at various stations, where men were exercised and hot water tea coffee were available. The train discipline was excellent and the men were interested throughout the journey. The Bn was warmly welcomed en route. On the 15th the Bn detrained at MANTOVA (Mantua) and marched to CERESA.
10 The Bn entrained by half Battalion at WIZERNES STATION - train no. 51 departed at 10.30 am. Lt Col Rumbold DSO MC being OC Train; Train no 54 left at 2.40pm with Major Lewis MC as OC train.
1st to 9th During this period the Battalion carried out a satisfactory training programme, and the specialists were trained by their own officers.
Range practices were fired on the 1st 3rd 4th 6th & 7th the shooting was very satisfactory, and the men of the new drafts showed improvement. The Divl Gas officer inspected SBRs on the 2nd and lectured to all officers and Platoon Commanders on the 6th. A Church parade was held on the 4th. A draft of 50 ORs joined on the 5th inst and were inspected by the G.O.C. on the 8th. Whilst in this area there was very little sickness in the Battalion and the men benefitted from the rest.
Capt G A Crowther & 2Lt R C M Douthwaite returned from leave on the 1st having been recalled by wire. 2nd Lt A.C Doc & E H Thompson MC rejoined from hospital on the 2nd. Lt Col Rumford DSO MC proceeded on leave to England on the 3rd and returned on the 6th. 2Lts L A Floyd, N A Dixon and AB Ward joined the Bn on the 3rd.
No.15431 L/C Walker F was awarded the MM for gallantry in the field. (DRO 3027 1/11/17). The G.O.C. remitted suspended sentence of 3 years Penal servitude in the Case of No 3141 Pte (a/ L.Cpl) G R Worthington for an act of gallantry for which this man was awarded the MM and for continuous good behaviour & devotion to duty during the past three ms.

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Roger O'Keeffe said...

Fascinating to see the laconic way in which this month's entry describes the battalion being withdrawn from the line in Flanders, having a period of rest and training in which inter alia it receives a draft of 50 ORs (i.e. 50 NCOs and privates - not identified by name, unlike officers!), boards a couple of trains and heads off to fight on a totally different front in Italy!

By the way, the phrase with the question mark is "haltes-repas" - i.e. stops for meals: a French phrase, one of many which the British army picked up in "France", which in the parlance of the time also included Flanders which is part of Belgium, a confusion made more plausible because officers and official documents in the Belgian army used French too.