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Born in August 1887 in Awsworth Notts, to Henry and Sarah Lamin. Elder Sisters Catherine (Kate), Mary Esther and Sarah Anne(Annie) and Elder brother John (Jack). Educated at Awsworth Board School, just outside Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England. I served with honour in the 9th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment seeing front line action in Flanders and Northern Italy from the end of 1916 to January 1920.

Last Entry to the War Diary

What a fantastic find the War Diary has been. I wasn't aware of such a document until almost a year into the project. After that it became the main source of material to fill in the many blanks left by Harry's letters.

It's quite possible to get a great "feel" for the mood of the times, to appreciate the way that military system worked - and still works - by simply reading through the diaries.

One of the great experiences of this project was to go to to the National archives at Kew and to be handed a box file containing the War Diaries that were actually written by the battalion adjutant a few yards away from Harry. (I kept wondering how they allow me, just me, to handle these precious documents.)

If anyone is undertaking a similar project, then Kew is an important source. Much of the material is available on-line. That's much easier, but in some ways, disappointing, as once the material  has been scanned and digitally archived, my understanding is that the originals won't just be handed over to the reader. It is rather special to handle the actual documents.

Anyway, March 1919, the War Diaries stopped. The 9th battalion was broken up and dispersed, with most troops on the way home. Harry, unfortunately had quite a way to go before he managed to get back to Ethel, Willie and Connie.


Du hoc Canada said...

The wars had changed history of the world. Can the wars had stolen anything but they had bring something for us...

CE Patrick said...

Its interesting to note the specific territorial divide in British units. I have to wonder if the word Regiment comes from some sort of feudal hold-over?

babu21 said...

Nice informational blog. I'm always interested about war Diary, war history, novel etc