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Born in August 1887 in Awsworth Notts, to Henry and Sarah Lamin. Elder Sisters Catherine (Kate), Mary Esther and Sarah Anne(Annie) and Elder brother John (Jack). Educated at Awsworth Board School, just outside Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England. I served with honour in the 9th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment seeing front line action in Flanders and Northern Italy from the end of 1916 to January 1920.

War Diary, February 1919

The Health of the Battalion during the month was good.

(signed) S.D. Rumbold Lieutenant-Colonel
Commanding 9th Battalion York and lancaster Regiment

24. to} Battalion at Cadre strength with a few men attached.
28. }
23. Church Services.
22. Battalion reduced to a CADRE with about 20 Other Ranks attached.
21 Dispersal party of 23 O.R's. left TAVERNELLE. The draft for FIUME left Battalion and entrained at TAVERNELLE.
20 The whole of the draft for FIUME were inspected by the Commander-in-Chief.
19. The whole of the draft for FIUME were inspected by the Commanding Officer.
18. Inspection of Draft for Army of Occupation by C.O. Dispersal Party of 6 O.R's. left TAVERNELLE. Draft of 12 officers and 660 O.R's. arrived from the 69th Brigade for FIUME and were attached to this Battalion.
17. Instruction in Guard Mounting etc. Inspection of interior economy arrangements by C.O.. Dispersal party of 19 O.R's. left TAVERNELLE.
16. Church Services.
15. Inspection of Transport personel by C.O. Baths. Dispersal party of 4 O.R's. left Tavernelle.
14. Re-organisation of battalion after previous day's parade. Dispersal party of 13 O.R's. left TAVERNELLE. Major G.L. Pyman, D.S.O., M.C. proceeded to England for dispersal.
13. Battalion re-formed into two units, viz., party for Army of Occupation and party eligible for demobilization. baths. A six-a-side Football Competition arranged.
12. Kit and clothing inspections by Second-in-Command. Inspection of all N.C.Os. by C.O.
.Lieut. -Colonel S.D. Rumbold, C.M.G, D.S.O., M.C. rejoined Battn. from Brigade and took over command. Interior Economy, kit and clothing inspections.

10. Battn. moved to TERROSSA. 4 O.R's. proceeded to England for dispersal.
9. Church Services. Party of 1 officer & 20 O.R's. left TAVERNELLE for dispersal.
8. Physical Training, Arms Drill,Squad Drill. Education Classes. Baths. Dispersal Party of 33 O.R's. left TAVERNELLE.
7.Every N.C.O. and man inspected by Medical Officer for scabies. Education classes.Dispersal Party of 22 O.R's. left TAVERNELLE
6. Lecture on "Demobilization" by C.O. for all men who did not attend previous day.
Lecture by Brigade Re-enlistment Officer - subject: - "Re-enlistment".
Education Classes. Baths.
5. Lecture on "Demobilization" by C.O. Battalion Route March. Education Classes.
4. Physical Training, Close Order Drill, Discipline Parades. Education Classes. baths. Dispersal Party of 17 O.R's. left TAVERNELLE.
3. Brigade Route March. Dispersal Party of 13 O.R's. left TAVERNELLE.
2. Church Services.
1. Dispersal Party of 13 Other Ranks left TAVERNELLE.

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Janell said...

At least there is no reference to the pandemic Flu. Since the Battalion is fairly isolated, they may be protected. I guess that is one advantage for Harry and the others.