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Born in August 1887 in Awsworth Notts, to Henry and Sarah Lamin. Elder Sisters Catherine (Kate), Mary Esther and Sarah Anne(Annie) and Elder brother John (Jack). Educated at Awsworth Board School, just outside Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England. I served with honour in the 9th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment seeing front line action in Flanders and Northern Italy from the end of 1916 to January 1920.

War Diary - June 1918

Routine orders dated 25-6-1918 and 28-6-1918 contained the following awards for gallantry and distinguished conduct in the field during the operations of the 15-6-1918 :-

Military Cross
Captain J.P. Shaw R.A.M.C. attached York & Lancaster Regiment
Captain L. Lester
2/Lieut. A. Hirst
2/Lieut. J Ferguson

Distinguished Conduct Medal
12/1246 C.S.M. J.A. Willoughby
241359 L/Cpl. E Naylor M.M.

Bar to Military Medal
240660 L/Cpl E. Brock M.M.

Military Medal
17068 L/Cpl West J.
34879 L/Cpl Stead H.
34582 Pte Dalenay
235466 Pte. (A/Cpl) Boon J.R.

Sickness During the month of June, admissions to hospital were normal, the general health of the Battalion being good. Prevailing diseases were IMPETAGO and BOILS.

30th Work was continued on the shelter trenches around billets, and on the improvement of the second line.
Officers and N.C.O's reconnoitred the right front line Battalion sector, left Brigade.
29th Companies worked on shelter trenches around billets and the general improvement of positions. Working parties maintained the condition of the second line.
28th The vicinity of the billets was improved. 'A' Company was moved into camp near Battalion Headquarters: 'D' Company moved from LANGABISA into hutments vacated by 'A' Company. Night working party improved the second line trenches.
27th Very heavy rainfall during the day. Billets and environs were cleaned. Lectures by O.C. Companies on the present situation in Italy.
26th Proposed offensive was postponed, and Battalion took over right support, left Brigade Sector, at KABERLABA, tw Companies remaining at LANGABISA.
25th In view of the proposed offensive, Brigade took our battle positions: this Battalion, being in Divisional Reserve, moved to CLUB CAMP, GRANEZZA. (H.70.01)
24thTraining in physical drill, bayonet fighting, gas drill and musketry was carried out during the day.
23rdChurch Services were held in the morning: during the afternoon, inter-company football matches were played.
22nd The Battalion was inspected by the Divisional General. Excellent weather conditions prevailed.
21st Working parties to the 102nd Field Companys R.E. The remainder of Companies carried out Arms Drill Company Drill and Bayonet Fighting. During the day, officers and N.C.O's reconnoitred tracks to the front system.
20th Working Parties to the 102nd Field Company, R.E. The Divisional Baths were alloted to the Battalion from 11am until 2 pm.
19thThe Battalion was inspected by the Commanding Officer. Training in physical drill, bayonet fighting and box respirator drill during the day
18th The day was devoted to cleaning clothing , equipment &c.
17th Prisoners, wounded and otherwise, were brought in during the day, making a total of three officers and ninety one other ranks. Relieved by the 10th Battalion Duke of Wellington Regiment. Relief was completed by 5pm. Battalion marched to hutements in GRANEZZA.
16th 6am
Two hostile light field guns were brought in to our lines from the vicinity of GUARDINALTI. Later four machine guns, three flammenwerfer, one case of gas shells, ammunition etc, were brought in by our small reconnoitring parties. Situation quiet throughout the day.
9.45pm Enemy S.O.S.followed by artillery barrage on our lines. At the same time, hostile M.G's in advanced positions opened fire on our lines.
10pm Small parties of the enemy getting within 100 yards of our wire in centre of Battalion front fired rifle grenades and Very lights , in large numbers, into our trenches. Cheering was heard from "no man's land".
10.15pm Battalion on our left fired S.O.S. artillery barrage opening on line POSLEN - GUARDINALTI - VLA DAL BRUN.
11.30pm Situation became quieter; hostile Very lights in large numbers, showed enemy parties retiring between MORAR and AVE.
15th 3am Enemy opened bombardment on our front system, lachrymatory gas being used. Our patrol of one officer and twenty other ranks was suprised by the enemy, only two men escaping to our lines.
5.30am to 7.30 am Enemy advanced to the attack, but only succeeded in getting within 100 yards of our wire, where he was disorganised and checked, enemy bombardment was continued.
8.30am enemy in artillery formation, advanced between S.W.of ASIAGO and EDELWEISS SPUR forming up in line on reverse slope of GUARDINALTI ridge. M.G's were pushed well forward and opened rapid fire at intervals.
10.30am Situation became normal. Reciprocal artillery fire was maintained. Enemy casualties were apparently heavy, stretcher bearers carrying back their wounded during the day.
6pm Enemy, numbering more than one thousand, advanced in artillery formation between RODIGHIERI and OBA, forming up under cover between ASIAGO and SILVEGNAR.
9pm Approximately 200 enemy retired in scattered parties from GUARDINALTI ridge
10pm Up to this hour, forty of the enemy were brought in to our lines. Desultory artillery fire throughout the night.
14th Increase in reciprocal artillery fire throughout the day. By night the outpost line was held by patrols.
13th Considerable improvement in weather conditions. At night, our defensive patrol was engaged by hostile rifle fire, bombs and mortars from the vicinity of S. AVE, one casualty being sustained.
12th The front line trenches and support positions were improved.
11thThe Battalion relieved the 8th battalion, K.O.Y.L.I. in the left sector, Right Brigade front: relief was complete at 8 am. Very heavy rainfall during the day and night. By night, the outpost line was held by patrols.
10th Physical training and assault teams, for forthcoming competitions were judged during the morning. Remainder of the Companies improved their shelter trenches.
9th Church Services were conducted during the morning. In the afternoon, officers and n.c.o's reconnoitred the line (left Battalion, Right Brigade sector). At 6 pm a practice stand-to in battle positions was carried out.
8th Reserve Lewis Gun teams were trained during the afternoon.
7th All companies worked on their respective shelter trenches.
6th Shelter trenches in the vicinity of the billets were improved by two platoons from each Company; remainder of Companies carried out hill training.
4th, 5th Systematic training in Physical drill, gas drill, musketry and hill climbing was carried out. Shelter trenches were reconnoitred by by O's C. Companies
3rd Battalion moved by mule back from MARE to hutments in PRIA dell 'ACQUA, relieving the 13th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry, 68th Infantry Brigade. Relief was completed by 4pm.
2nd Church services were held throughout the day.
1st Battalion in reserve billets at MARE. Training in wood fighting, outposts and hill climbing was vigorously carried on.